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5 Managed WordPress Google Cloud Hosting Companies

WordPress is open-source that provides a content management system, they utilize the Google cloud platform to provide better service. The GCP is also called a low-latency network, they have 15 data centers around the world. You need to select the plan depending on the website traffic and how you are going to manage it using the GCP. WordPress uses Kinsta or WP engine to provide managed services.

  • Single Instance WordPress – Using single click you can install WordPress and it can handle medium website traffic
  • Kubernetes Engine – They can handle high website traffic, helps to perform better and does auto-scaling.
  • App Engine – They can handle higher traffic even at unavoidable situations, provides better performance and are flexible to users.
  • WordPress Plugins – The GCP provides many Plugins along with WordPress, you can install on any application.

Best Google Cloud Hosting Companies

The shared hosting provides WordPress installation, email creation, file transfer, database access, SSL certificate, automatic backup and restoration files. The advanced web hosting that is used VPS or cloud server that offers database management, web server, PHP, configuration and security.

Procedure for hosting WordPress on GCP is, create an account, plan for the VM and install with required software and configure them, security for cloud VM and WordPress, regular maintenance, and make clear about your business. The managed WordPress Google cloud hosting companies are listed below.

1. Kinsta

The company is suited for providing web hosting for small scale businesses, the plans start from $40 per month. When you buy an annual package then you get 2 months free subscription. Kinsta uses LXD for providing system container management, and Nginx, MariaDB, PHO 7 for improving the speed. They provide 24*7 customer support, DDoS protection, enables CDN, regular backup, and free website migration.

2. Cloudways

The Cloudways provides an option to select the server capacity and data center location. They also offer hourly backup to weekly to secure data files, you can get the storage, CPU and memory usage details on one click, GIT is integrated with Cloudways. The SSH and SFTP access are available from the server, the cron job manager helps to schedule the task of the server.

3. Closte

The Closte provides Google cloud infrastructure and Litespeed web servers. The plans start from $8 per month and are more used by small websites that receive medium traffic. The Closte provides a regular backup option, SSL certificate, GIT integration, WP-CLI for handling WordPress, and PHP versions. The Closte is getting familiar with the web hosting market for there improved performance.

4. WP Engine

The WP engine has recently joined with Google cloud, they have more than 70,000 customers. The plans start from $29 per month and installation of WordPress.  The features provided by the WP Engine are: provides dynamic content for knowing the user geography, delivers better performance, Brute Force provides the web security, protects from hackers and malware, there are metrics to find the reason for webpage slow performance and helps to improve them.

5. ThemeCloud

The Themecloud uses Astra next-generation firewall to provide the best website security. The plans start from $9.90 per month. The features offered by Themecloud are: does daily backup of data files, SSL certificate, email creation, WP rocket license, Cloudflare Pro plan, and security.


The above topic has discussed 5 managed WordPress Google cloud hosting companies. Creating a website with better performance, and security for them is a bigger challenge when you do not have much time and knowledge its better to go for managing WordPress providers. They will help you to handle all the features at a nominal cost.

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