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What Is Google Cloud API And Its Pricing

Google Cloud API

Google cloud platform services work similarly to the Google search and Youtube infrastructure. They provide cloud computing, data storage, data analysis, and machine learning. The Google cloud requires registration and for payment, you need to enroll your card details.

Google Cloud Platform Pricing

They also include G Suite which is a combination of Android and Chrome OS and uses the Application Programming Interface (API) for machine learning. IN this blog we have discussed “What is Google cloud API and its pricing”

The API platform provides a platform for maps that provides route and location details based on Google maps, Apigee API platform that manages the design, security, deployment, monitoring and scalability of API, Monetization provides payment gateway, a model for revenue, gives report and integration portals. They help to develop, publish and manage all APIs, provides an analytical report, sense suspicious activities of API, provides security and manages API based on NGINX. There are many API’s that are available.

  • Computing API’s –  App engine admin API, OS login API, compute engine API, Kubernetes engine API, compute engine instance group updater API
  • Storage and database API’s – Cloud Bigtable admin API, cloud Bigtable data API, cloud datastore API, cloud spanner API, cloud AQL administration API, cloud storage API, storage transfer API
  • Networking API – Cloud DNS API
  • Big data API’s – Bigquery API, cloud dataflow API, cloud data proc API, cloud composer API, cloud life science API, cloud pub/sub API, cloud healthcare API
  • Machine learning API – cloud AutoML, cloud vision API, cloud speech API, natural language API, translation API, Diagflow API, cloud talent solution API
  • Management Tool API’s – Cloud billing API, cloud build API, Stackdriver debugger API, Stackdriver trace API, Deployment manager API, Stackdriver Logging API, Stackdriver monitoring API, cloud runtime Config API, cloud scheduler API, cloud tasks API.
  • Identity and Security API’s – Resource manager API, Identity and access management API, Data loss prevention API, cloud key management service API, Binary authorization API, Cloud asset API.
  • Managed Infrastructure API’s – Service management API, service control API, Service consumer management API, Service usage API.

Google Cloud API Pricing

  • Maps – Static maps price $2, dynamic maps – $7, static street view – $7, dynamic street view – $14, embedded advanced – $14
  • Routes – Directions – $5, directions advanced – $10, distance matrix – $5, distance matrix advanced – $10, roads – route travelled – $10, roads-nearest road – $10, roads speed limits – $20
  • Places – Details – $17, find place – $17, autocomplete – $17, geocoding – $5, geolocation – $5, elevation – $5, time zone – $5.


Google cloud platform provides cloud computing that is powered by Google, they offer computing, storage, and application. The article has provided details about What is Google cloud API and its pricing, this helps you know about it. The prices that are mentioned are based on monthly plans and charges.

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